WKN Haus der Zukunftsenergien

WKN supports “Bahnhofsmission” – an institution for homeless people - with “Corona donation”

As the wind industry is not very much affected by the Corona crisis, the company WKN wants to support an institution in the region. In this context WKN has made a donation to the “Bahnhofsmission” – an institution for homeless people in Husum.

The institution accompanies and cares for people with mobility impairments at the station, offers lunch to those in need and overnight accommodation for the homeless. The “Bahnhofsmission” is also affected by the tightened hygiene measures: the minimum distance means that fewer people can use the dormitories and the disinfection requirements mean double the effort for the local staff.

Only recently, two break-ins caused considerable damage to the premises, windows were smashed, furniture and tablets were destroyed. The donation therefore came at a particularly appropriate time and is now to be used for reconstruction and repairs.

The managing director of the “Diakonisches Werk”, Volker Schümann, is particularly grateful and explains: "The station mission helps and does good wherever it is necessary and possible. That is why we feel hurt and unfairly treated by such an affront. But this is how we are seen in our need and not left alone."

till början