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Polish Barwice wind farm project sold

Cuxhaven/Husum, December 20, 2018 – In November, the Barwice wind farm project was awarded a contract as a result of its participation in the tender for Polish-based wind energy projects. WKN GmbH, which is part of the international PNE Group, has…

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Groß Niendorf wind farm put into operation by WKN on schedule

Cuxhaven, December 19, 2018 – At the end of 2018, the PNE Group's subsidiary WKN GmbH put the Gross Niendorf wind energy project into operation on schedule after only three months’ construction time.

The Gross Niendorf project in the district of…

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Great success in Polish wind tender with contracts for 174 MW

Cuxhaven, November 26, 2018 – The internationally operating PNE Group is successful in another foreign market. In the current tender for wind energy projects in Poland, the PNE Group was awarded contract for two projects developed by it. Wind power…

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Wind Farms Sommette and Saint Martin now in operation

Cuxhaven, 18. July 2018 - On schedule, the Husum-based WKN Group has handed over the now operational French wind farms Sommette and Saint Martin, which WKN was responsible for developing, to the investor and new owner John Laing Group plc.

The wind…

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PNE has raised its stake in WKN to 100%

The internationally operating project developer PNE AG has increased its stake in the subsidiary WKN AG, based in Husum, from 89.1% to 100% as part of the implementation of the "scale up" strategy.

As a first step, PNE acquired a majority stake of…

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WKN is named Schleswig-Holstein’s first "fair wind farm planner"

The Husum-based wind energy project developer WKN AG and its subsidiary WKN WERTEWIND GmbH are the first companies to be awarded the “Fairer Windparkplaner Schleswig-Holstein” seal. To receive this label, companies must comply with the guidelines for…

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WKN sells two French wind projects

WKN AG, a leading developer of wind energy farms based in Husum, Germany, sold the French wind projects Longèves and Riaucourt to Quaero European Infrastructure Fund at the end of 2017. 

Wind farm Longèves is situated in the Western part of France…

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WKN sells 25.2 megawatts Swedish wind project

Husum, 29 september 2017 - WKN AG, a leading developer of wind energy farms based in Husum, Germany, sold the Swedish wind project Laxaskogen to a German private investment group at the end of September.

The wind farm will be built in the South of…

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WKN sells Vivaldi Springtime project

Windkraft Nord USA Inc., a subsidiary of WKN AG, a leading developer of wind energy farms based in Husum, Germany, itself owned by PNE WIND AG, sold the project rights of the US-wind project “Vivaldi Springtime” to Pattern Energy Group 2 LP (“Pattern…

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WKN sells wind farm Kirchengel to a group of investors

WKN AG, a leading developer of wind energy farms based in Husum, Germany, completely sold the Thuringian wind energy project to Centraplan GmbH as well as some private investors being consulted by the Swiss specialist for renewable energies, re:cap…

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