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PNE AG: The portfolio of internally operated wind farms is being expanded

PNE AG continues to expand its portfolio of internally operated wind farms.

PNE AG continues to expand its portfolio of internally operated wind farms. Construction of the "Boitzenhagen" wind farm with approx. 25 MW began at the end of September. The recently approved "Zahrenholz" wind farm with a nominal capacity of 21.6 MW has also been awarded a contract in the latest round of tenders by the Federal Network Agency and is scheduled to go into construction shortly. Both wind farm projects are located in the district of Gifhorn in the federal state of Lower Saxony.

It was only this year that PNE received the necessary permits for these wind farm projects in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act. After construction, both wind farms will be operated by PNE AG itself.

"Getting these two wind farm projects ready for construction so quickly is a great achievement by our team in these difficult times, with the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic. Our project development, construction department, land securing, property management and development department teams have worked together excellently," emphasises Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE AG. 

PNE already operates wind farms with a nominal capacity of approx. 130 MW in its own portfolio. With these additional projects and their nominal capacity of 46.6 MW, PNE continues to implement this strategic orientation and is going to expand its own wind farm operations. 

"We will pursue this course consistently in the coming years," explains Markus Lesser.

Six Vestas V136 wind turbines and one Vestas V126 turbine will be installed at the "Boitzenhagen" wind farm. All wind turbines will reach a total height of around 200 meters. 

The "Zahrenholz" wind farm will comprise of six Nordex N131 wind turbines with a total height of 164 meters.

Both wind farms are scheduled to go into operation next year.

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